Matsumoto Castle Park 2020 Ice Sculpture Festival
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National Treasure Matsumoto Castle, Ice Sculpture Festival
This year marks the 34th staging of the National Treasure Matsumoto Castle Ice Sculpture Festival. The World Ice Sculpture Contest is the main event and consists of two parts: The World Championship featuring participants from six countries and the Pre-event showcasing young up-and-coming ice sculptors. The competitive highlight features the artists carving their masterpieces all through the night. Also, this year there will be an amazing carving of Matsumoto's Former Kaichi School?a National Treasure?by a master ice sculptor in the plaza in front of Matsumoto Station. Don’t miss Matsumoto's premier winter event.
  Matsumoto Castle

Lists of players chanpionship

Venue:Matsumoto Castle Park

Ice sculpture carving (throughout the night):Starts Saturday, February 1 (5 p.m.).
Finishes Sunday, February 2 (5 a.m.)

Exhibition period:Until 4 p.m. Sunday, February 2


Showcasing young up-and-coming ice sculptors

Ice sculpture carving: Friday, January 31 (6 p.m. to 11:30 p.m.)

Exhibition period:Until Sunday, February 2 (2 p.m.)

A special creation by the ice sculpting legend Nakamura Junichi

Venue:The plaza in front of Matsumoto Station

Ice sculpture carving:6 p.m. Thursday, January 30 until completion early Saturday morning, February 1


Special exhibitions

Venue:Matsumoto Castle's Otemon Masugata Area

Ice sculpture carving:Friday, January 31 (5 p.m.) to Saturday, February 1 (5:00 a.m.)

Exhibition period:Until Sunday, February 2 (2 p.m.)

* Exhibition periods may change depending on the weather.

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2020 Ice Sculpture Festival
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